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Alas, I have no Sonic near me. I get the commercials, though. It's a subtle form of torture...

Judi Finneran

Never under estimate the power of thought.


Judi Finneran

Never under estimate the power of a thought...




I broke up with my boyfriend Sonic a few weeks ago, it's been hard, but I'm gettin' thru it. Now I have a new boyfriend called "Tricky gall-bladder" who does not like anything on the Sonic menu, so when I cheat, he let's me know it...ah the torture, ah the hours spent downing antacids...who knew I could hate the chalky taste of Tums even more than I did before!


Yeah. See, since I have a DVR, I never see commercials, and I don't get tempted with stuff like this. Now I'll have to try it. Hopefully I'll have a bad experience I can report here.

I'm doing this just for you, you know.

Chad Too

Get 'em to make a choclate banana cream pie shake. Double the yum!

My current addiction, however, is the Fresh Raspberry Frozen Yogurt Shake from Steak N' Shake. *drool!*


*whispers* It doesn't work....I still eat the Wendy's chili.

Chelsea Kocina

so, all I wanted to do was find out the nutritional information in my pita from todays lunch to log it into my fitday account---that's all I wanted....and how did I end up here? well I googled my pita, then the first thing that came up was feministmormonhousewives.org and thought, "well, this I gotta see" and then saw "fmh bloggers" on the side and saw CGB, and thought again, "well, this I live, so this I must see"....and now I'm hear reading about your trip to vegas--but I still really need to know about my pita--so if you could tell me, that'd be great. :)

Hope you had fun in Vtown--I go there a couple times a year for work and once and a while for so-not-work. :)


I couldn't agree more! That and the double chocolate chip frappuccino at Starbucks!


Is CGB kaput?

Lauren Herrington

I think perhaps. :(


I live in Oklahoma, so we have Sonic restaurants all over the place. (There are 7 within 5 miles of my house)

I love Sonic, but I have to ignore the fact that I know it is gross in order to eat there.

I know a number of people who have at one time worked at Sonic. All but two of them now refuse to eat at Sonic and one of those two is retarded. (the other one isn't too bright, but he isn't technically retarded.)

Apparently the inside of a Sonic is typically disgustingly filthy. Horribly so.

I still eat there anyway.

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