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Ohh! I scanned that article and saw the Six Apart mention but I guess I didn't pay enough attention to see that part about CGB! How cool!


Jerilyn...welcome back. I really do hope you start writing again, and if you want us to write, we can do that too. I totally love this blog and have for a few years. As for Oprah...well welcome sister. :)


Yay! So glad you've finally updated something and gotten that horrid picture of Carrot Top moved from the top of the page! OK, so really I'm just glad to have you back. Yippee!


Yay yay yay! I am so happy you're back!

Congrats on the Oprah mention! The CGB has hit the big time. There's no stopping us now!


Yes, welcome Oprah! My best friend ROCKS !!!
Da Zip


Well... that's quite a coup for you... being mentioned in Oprah's magazine.

Glad you had a chance to getaway for a bit -- even if it was to Las Vegas: the city that never sleeps.
I haven't been there since the 1970's. Yeah, I know that was before some of the people around here were even born. Ha,ha,ha.
I may get a chance to see the city again soon. I'll be accompanying my daughter to a fashion trade show there later this year. She's a designer who makes plus-size clothing. I'm looking forward to enjoying the sites and maybe a show too. She and I are both crazy about Celine Dion.
- Dorez


I was wondering where you scampered off too and if you would be coming back to say "hi" anytime soon.

Glad to hear from you! Without a doubt you've been missed.

It's Me... Maven

Jerilyn! So glad to see some fresh flesh on the bones here! Hope the Oprah mention will be enough to inspire you to keep us up to date about what's going on:)

So happy!

Chad Too

From over here in the girdles corner... Welcome Back!!! You've been sorely missed!

Now make with the funny.


Yippee! You're back.

Congrats on the Oprah mention and I'm looking forward to cheese and Treasures.


I'm just really happy that Carrot Top is disappearing off this page -- at last!

(Oh, look, KMD already said that. Heh.)


Okay, I rode the Oprah train to this site and I plan on staying. Hope you plan on writing more because you really bring the funny. Side boobage= hysterical turn of phrase.

Meghan Richard

ACK! I missed you so. A million kisses!

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