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I vote for April Fools Day. Make it as snarky as possible.


I second April Fools Day. (Do I have to send Lori 2 cards, because she was super organized and sent out V-Day cards while I was a total slacker?)

Lauren Herrington


April Fools sounds like fun to me! Wonder if Hallmark makes a card for that one.


I like March 21 in a wholly unorganized yet mildly paganish way. But then, my thighs are always ready for summer. It's the rest of the world that may not be ready for my thighs.

Meghan Richard

I vote for April Fools 'cause then I can get my butt in gear!

It's Me... Maven

I always get hungry when I hear "Capistrano." It sounds like it should be a fancy Italian sausage like Cappicola or somesuch...


And another vote for April Fools Day!


So a Chilen lemon plum is in order.
Da Zip


So, April 1st has come and gone and I don't know about you, but I've put bugger all out in the mail. Should we try again for something a bit further ahead like June 1st (National Doughnut Day)?

It's Me... Maven

Did I blink and miss the Valentine's Day festivities?

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