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How nice your new red bag looks on top of that pile o' luggage!

When you say you bought four shoes, do you mean four shoes or four pairs of shoes? Also, I can't quite make out what the I DeClair is, a dessert with tons of whipped cream or a salad made with a whole head of iceberg lettuce?

I must know the exact degree of fun you had. I must!


Sara: I love you because you asked the question I was thinking!

It looks like it was a great trip, I must get to Vegas soon!


Two pair of shoes—one of which happen to be 4 inch Kenneth Cole heels which I've tried to wear every day this week.

The I'Declair is a giant chocolate elcair with whipped cream (not lettuce HELLO, MY NAME IS JERILYN) and custard and chocolate sauce.

The exact degree of fun was EIGHTY because that's how warm it was the entire week I was there.


The nerds would've just shunned you for getting a tattoo...especially one as hardcore as a smiley face. :)


How exciting!

It really does look like you had fun, even if you did really nerdy things like read while in Vegas!

I'm with you as far as my views on gambling. Gambling for me is catching a taxi by someone who only knows how to say "Okay" in english after I tell them my destination four times.


Viva las vegas! Thpppt! Ole!


I have nothing to say.


Mirrors on the walls AND ceiling? I don't think I'd like to see myself reflected that many times. Looks cool, though.

It's Me... Maven

Oy... the photos, the text... makes me want to go back to Vegas again. I've been three times, and each time it's a different, yet somewhat comforting and familiar experience. Consistent good times!

Yay you!


Hey, I just stumbled upon your blog and love it - what a hoot! Thanks!


He can tell that in my most likely it could do is giant boobs in contact with.

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