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I cannot see a Carrot Top billboard now without laughing quite heartily while thinking of you, Jerilyn. Gosh.


Hi people, I just found this Blog and it looks very interesting, I laughed my ass off and I only read like 2 or 3 posts.

I will show this to my wife, so you will have 2 new readers from now on.


Totally off topic, but I just wanted to let you and GAF know that both of you have been tagged.



Its been a month and a half, is everything ok? I directed a few people to the website recently and they were disappointed because its been so dead... We miss you!

Meghan Richard

Any plans for the Big V-day?
Just touch base and tell us you are alive!



Where is everybody?


Where is the blog? Is it still going? Do you want contributions to post? I'm missing it here.


Alas for me! I haven't been by in ages. I just wanted to see what was up in the land of chubby ladies. Also to see if you had capitalized on Fat Tuesday.

It would appear not. I'll sit in the corner gorging on king cake while I await your return.

Meghan Richard

I got a Valentine!! Yay!! Thank you!! Laurel you ROCK!!!


Since November. November!! I miss you girls.


me TOO!! *sniff*

Lauren Herrington

I know I'm missing CGB so much.
Didn't realize how often I came here, until I see Carrot tops head!

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