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Cadbury eggs are out? Woohoo!


I love cadburys creme eggs....how do the rest of you eat them?
I bite the top off and lick the inside out, then eat the casing on its own.

baby onth

I allow myself 2 Cadbury Creme Eggs per year. It is an exercise in extreme will power. Not that I have any will power towards the 10 boxes of Girl Scout cookies in my house. I also break open the eggs and lick out the creamy center. Yumalicious. I'm glad I am in good company.

On a completely different vein, General Mills changed the cereal, French Toast Cruch and made it more like Cinnamon Toast Crunch and it makes me very sad. I miss the little toastlets of tastiness. I even wrote to GM and complained. They wrote back saying they will compensate me for my box. I never complain about anything and yet I felt so stronly about this cereal, I took the time to write. Food is way too important to me. I didn't want my money back. I wanted them to abandon the new recipe and go back to the original. They even said that they did market research, but no one asked me!!!! Thank you for being my soap box.


I feel your pain!!! I happen to be suffering the same problem right now too... Believe me, if we had Creame Eggs here I would have eaten a dozen by now... I guess I should be lucky we don't ;) Just pretend you had my share too.. that way you only ate half the amount.


You know, this might make you jealous, but over the past month and a half I've gone through a retail box' worth of creme eggs.
Thank you, wholesalers!


I second bee: you actually didn't eat any cadbury eggs because you ate my share too! In fact, after eating my share you've had negatve eggs and should eat more right now!

I probably have the weirdest way of eating them: I have OCD, and one of my obsessions is eating things evenly. So, I need to end up with an even amount of chocolate and cream at the end. Messy, yes, but also tasty!

Julie S.

My family makes fun of me becasue I have bought implements meant specifically for the consumption of Cadbury eggs. I bought this little poached egg stand at a garage sale, and a little spoon. It looks like a baby tea spoon. I bite the top off the egg, and spoon out the creamy center, while it sits on its little stand. Then I eat the chocolate shell. I just find it so fulfilling to eat it in this fashion; treating it like the Grand Duke of candy that it is.

Julie S.

Does anyone remember cadbury eggs having a yellow "yolk-like" substance?


I remember seeing commercials with the yellow part!! That's why I've never got around to trying one, 'cause when I was little My Mom planted the idea in my head that there was an actual runny egg inside that chocolate (which uh, seems like a true waste of chocolate to me).

What's that stuff made of anyway?? (tell me it doesn't taste egg-y and I'll go buy some)

Julie S.

It tastes like heaven


1. I am completely jealous (although glad I can still mostly fit in my jeans since I didn't consume) of your entire case of eggs. Oy, heaven! Although after that many I'd probably be sick!

2. I LOVE the idea of eating your creme egg like a poached egg with a tiny spoon and all. Now I'm on a mission to find a set of my own. And one for everyone in my family. And of course, pass along the idea of relishing in it. THe best thing is, my family will TOTALLY go along with it! (Family meaning grown/married brothers and sisters and so on!)

3. YES!!! Thank you!!! I totally remember when the "yolk" was a different consistency. The white was more runny and the yolk was thicker. IT was still divine. Pretty much the same recipe as now, except that they didn't cook the white part as long so it didn't thicken as much. It was good and messy, and runny like cordial cherry filling, minus the cherry flavor, of course. Oh how I miss that!!

PS - You all are a riot, I love it here and I check in every day. I'm so addicted!

Julie S.

When I look at what I eat everyday it amazes me I'm not five hundred pounds. I think most people think I have a really slow metabolism, if they only knew...


Am I the only person alive who can't stand these creme eggs? Jeez I must be weird.

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