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Word to your mother!

At what point in the relationship is it okay to let the guy see what happens around PMS time? Is there any use trying to hide it early on, only to unleash the madness once you've roped him in?


Oh wow, that was...disturbing. Disturbingly hilarious!


Disturbing, disturbing! Whoa to the man who points out my PMS. And ex-girlfriends suck by definition. How odd I feel writing that, thinking about how many times I've been the ex.) I definitely do not suck but all my husbands' exes suck majorly!

To the person who needed chocolate: Try milk chocolate with almonds. This combination has healing effects similar to the waters at Lourdes, I'm convinced. Peanuts are poor imitations of nuts, in my humble opinion.


wow! I feel for you baby, I mean it. In the end did you stay broken up or was he just in the dog house?


inside sources claim that the spurned lover and his menstrual mistress reunited after said dumpee spent a cold night on the couch ;)


Oh thank goodness for inside sources! I am glad things worked out for the happy couple, and hope they have a very comfortable sofa.

PunkinNoodle (aka turkeylurkey)

I've been visiting the site since halloween, came out of the woodwork a couple weeks ago, and now I'm submitting my first REAL post. I couldn't resist. After Jerilyn's PMS story, well, I had my own bit of PMS drama last night.

I have been seeing this incredible guy for the last month or so. He spoils me rotten, which, I have to admit, is a blast. I'm not dating him because he spoils me rotten, it's just a nice perk on the side. I'm new to the current city, and we go out and do all sorts of fun things I've never done before, or have ever thought of doing. We've hit up museums, done the mystery theater dinner, and of course, dined in some lovely new restaurants, where he is always sure to order dessert. I think he knows the wishes of my heart! Who can turn down chocolate chocolate chocolate mousse cake after dining on shrimp, calimari, and lobster?

So last night, of course, we had the date set up. After a few weeks of running out on the town and doing all sorts of things, we had planned a nice evening in, full of schmooping and movies. He had called me earlier in the day to plan dinner - we decided on chinese take-out. How perfect?!!! He was to pick me up at 6:00.

He called a little bit after 6:00
Him: "Hi baby, I'm running a little bit late, I don't think I'll be able to get there until 7:30"
Me: "Ok, that's fine, see you then!:

He called again at 7:20. This time I was not at the phone, so I get this message on the voicemail:
"Hi! I'm going to have to push it back to 8:30, I'm sorry!"

Now we're in a big fight. Of course he doesn't know it yet, but he and I are going at it. Put me off for 2 hours??? And all after the fact? And last minute??

Notice, still no reason as to why he's so late.

So I call him. No answer.

I send a text message. No reply.

I call him again. No answer.

At this point my mind is reeling! I've been all dolled up since 5:30, donning his favorite perfume, the outfit perfectly coordinated: uber cute, but definitely comfy enough to do some snuggling and schmooping. I've thought this out. I even planned an undershirt for when the sweater combined with cuddling gets too warm. All dolled up and nowhere to go. Of course my mind goes wild with all the suspicions. I decided that he ran into someone on his way out of the office. They struck up a killer conversation. They went out to dinner, and he's pushing me off. He's out with another woman, how dare he do such a thing! And now he's taking her back to his place and that woman is taking all my schmooping!!!!

8:25 the phone rings again. By now I'm sick to my stomach, all hormonal and PMS in full swing, dropping the phone because I'm also digging for chocolate.

Me: "hello?" (the saddest most uninterested voice you could imagine"

Him: "Hi baby... listen, can we just do this another night?"

Me: (holding back tears) "what's going on?"

Him: "Oh my dad is here and he's fixing up my downstairs. I thought he'd be done by now."

Me: (choking on a sob) "oh"

Him: Talk to you later, k?

Me: Yeah.

We broke up. It was over. The fight had escalated, it was screaming and yelling and "how could you?" and "its not that big of a deal." and me bawling like a baby for 45 minutes. And no consoling. Not even an offer for a chocolate bar.

Of course he doesn't know we broke up, that I was sobbing for almost an hour, and that my favorite haagen daz ice cream was in the freezer, not 50 feet away, just waiting to be brought to me.

He called this morning, swearing to make it up to me, feeling so badly. And his dad really was there fixing his downstairs bathroom. The plan is to try it again tonight. *sigh* Just one more chance, and then I'll be singing the "Just You Wait, Henry Higgins, Just You Wait!" song at him, all in a furry.


Oh PunkinNoodle, I didn't know anyone else in the world used the word "schmoopy" in the verb form! My hubby and I schmoop on the couch all the time!

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