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Welcome Colleen!

How does one become a Style Expert at Lane Bryant? Do you just walk in one day and say, "Check out how cute I am. You totally want me as your Style Expert."


Hi! I remember you from Pretty Pear, and was one of the people that helped you pick out your blog name when the other one was taken.

It's so cool that you're hear, 'cause now almost all of my favorite people are in one place! (I'm missing my friend from WA, but he's like 6'7" and somehow I don't think this website would appeal to him...)


Hey, in spite of its penchant for wildly printed polyester clothing and peculiar pants styles, I am a huge fan of Lane Bryant for one outstanding reason: they sell cotton/lycra bras in my size (44DD) without underwires. (Oh, Cacique, I shall put your designers in my will.) They also frequently have form-fitting, deep-throated (uh...not that kind) T-shirts in wicked sweet colors that are much more attractive on women of shape than anything L. L. Bean has to offer, though every bit as fashion-(fad)-proof. I've got drawers full of 'em, both the bras and the Ts.

But enough raving about your employer. I love the graphic for your "Pretty Pear" website. Very cute.



Colleen is darned neat but I thought I'd learn more about garbardine.


Hey Colleen, welcome!

Boots for fat calves, you say? Do go on...


And I second Anna's motion, tell us more about the boots!


On my first trip to chicago I was taken to Lane Bryant and I fell in love - there isn't a store like it in the UK and I bloody wish there was! Love Pretty Pear - it always makes me want to shop my ass off....

Thank you for all your advice and I also love your cheesalicious recipe!

Sal x


Oh yeah - and I need some boots like that too - another thing I've always wanted but never had - knee boots!


Oh Colleen, I bow down to your style expertness and knowledge of the boots to fit the calves!


Ya'll are too nice :) Jerilyn, there's never a reason to suck up to me! Seriously. Everything I know about fashion comes from watching every single episode of "What Not to Wear" ever made and my knowledge of TypePad comes from lots of free time while I was jobless. I clearly have a lot of time on my hands.

"Style Expert" is what they call regular, run of the mill salesgirls at LB. We're really just sales associates but I guess the title is supposed to make us feel special.

The post I wrote about boots for wide calves can be found here but I'm sure I'll post another one as we approach boot wearing season this year.

Anyway, yea, thanks for all the niceness :D I should've taken my picture while wearing my CGB shirt (which is very comfy by the way). I'll be sure to wear it for my "Girls of the CGB" calendar shoot, complete with cut off shorts and soapy car to rub myself on.



More on Boots

And then there are these:


Of course, I just love how they sell these, "These riding boots offer plenty of room even when you're wearing bulky tights or knee socks. The calf measurement for most boots is 14". Our wide-calf boot is 17"-giving you a lot of room for comfort." No, darlings, I need wide-calf boots because my calf is 16½" around of sheer muscle built up from hauling around the rest of me -- which is not sheer muscle. Bulky tights, my butt! Why don't they just come out and say something like "These are made roomy for serious athletes and women of shape who often get left out of the stylish apparel market altogether." Honestly? I think they'd sell more that way then pretending this is about socks. Grrr.

But at least they have them, and they do look pretty.



Also, Payless sells these great boots with stretch, I bought some about three years ago for about 30 dollars and I swear, they look as nice as my boots that cost in the hundreds. The cool thing about the Payless boots are, they have A LOT of stretch. I am a bigger chubby girl and my calves, dare I tell you all, are (gasp!) 19.5 inches (gasp) so, these boots fit really well. And actually, since I was unemployed (hence sitting around perfecting new recipes) for a while, my calves may have gained an inch or two, but, those boots still fit well.


Oh, and welcome Colleen, sorry. I love the Pretty Pear and you're so cute. I like your hair color.


Welcome Colleen--I can't remember if I already extended a hearty welcome or not. I'm all outta sorts! I'm an Avenue and a Elisabeth fan, btw.

I hope those are DOUBLE STUFFED oreos, young lady!!!


Yum, the recipes sound good. Now my stomach is growling. By the way, I absolutely love your hair. Not fair at all, mine's always flat, no matter what I do.

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