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I can relate, sister. My PMS was so bad last week, I sent my boss a resignation letter (for one of my part-time jobs that was ending in August), and now I am waiting to see if they will take me back. At the time, the resignation seemed like the most rational action in the world. I am an idiot!


God I do that! I have so many "slender" tampons I need to find a 12 year old who has just started periods and donate her a year's supply! Why do we do this!

One thing I LOVE about CGB. I am constantly thinking "I thought I was the only one who...."

Hoorah for solidarity amongst fat chicks (and skinny chicks too!)

Sal x

Mary Siever

ok, I am going to admit something that I think will NOT be very appreciated here. In the last 2 years (before getting pregnant), although my periods have been whacky (PCOS) I have not had PMS symptoms. Actually in the past I havent' had horrible ones ANYWAY, but they have been non-existent in that period of time, no cramps, nothing excruciatingly hormonal except the fact I would get my period and want to beat something (not somebody, just something) up due to the fact I wasn't pregnant.

But I digress. My secret is a wonderful herb known as Vitex, also known as Chasteberry tree root. I have taken it to help balance my hormones for PCOS and it's most wonderful, amazing side effects are eliminating all those nasty PMS related things such as extreme cravings, cramping,crankiness (ok, except for the fact I was roaring mad for a day or so but that wans't realted to PMS, it was related to the non-pregnancy thing) and even really heavy bleeding. It takes about 3 months to start working (from starting to take it), but it works gently with yoru body to balance hormones.

Oh, another tip (yes, I know this won't be popular) is to lower your sugar (particularly refined sugar) consumption at about a couple of weeks or so before your period is due to start until your period is over, to lessen blood flow. I am not sure why this works (I need to research it more) but it does.


I said screw that whole thing and started Depo about 3 years ago. This isn't a wildly popular option, but it's the one I chose. Of course, I have a few au naturel friends who are appalled by my lack of menstruation. However, not having to deal with a period is so very, very nice! A recent drawback I've learned about is that Depo can leach calcium from your system, though my cheese/milk/broccoli/calcium supplement consumption makes this pretty much a non-issue.


i haven't had a period in two months, and the "periods" I do get are manageable with pantiliners. Seasonale has changed my life, and I will never, never, never go back to being miserable and bleeding every month. It's so liberating that I have become the birth control missionary.

baby onth

2 words: uterine ablation

Most wonderful surgery every!!! And I still have all my plumming, no hysterical-ectomy. Best 6 years of my life.


I know the PMS Confessions are supposed to be anonymous, but I'm woman enough to take the heat. Thanks, everyone for your suggestions and support. I'm so jealous of my Depo/Pill/whatever else friends. Unfortunately, that's not an option for me. My doctor has forbade me to take hormonal forms of birth control since they started making me really sick after my daughter was born. So I have and IUD. Which, needless to say, doesn't help things much.

Uterine ablation, you say? I guess I'd have to wait until we're done having kids, but I'll force my doctor to get it done for me at gunpoint if need be.


I've got a million PMS confessions I could make, but this one is my daughter's. She's 11 and not menstruating yet. She's also a very artistic gemini (a.k.a. packrat) who hoardes EVERYTHING, particularly stuff the rest of us would throw away. And she usually keeps this stuff in her room in odd little places. This weekend, I was putting her laundry away for her, and I found a Doritos bag in the dresser drawer. Yesterday she asked me if she could have the cardboard frame I popped my new shopper's discount card out of. And do you know what? She'll use it. She makes the most amazing dioramas you've ever seen. Truly amazing. She made a miniature one in a paperclip box the other day that had a calendar and portraits hanging on the wall. I digress.

Anyway, we were due to have guests that were going to be sleeping in my daughter's full size bed. So the day before, I changed the sheets and washed all of the bedding (and did a search for stray Doritos bags). I figured my daughter could sleep in the bed for one night, and it would still be suitable for guests the next day.

Thank God she did a crappy job of making the bed the next morning because I re-made it before our guests arrived. What did I find? A cardboard tampon applicator. (Clean, but still.) The last time we moved (hubby is military), the movers dumped a few tampons into her barrette box in the bathroom. One of them had come open and basically was half falling apart. She thought the cardboard tube was a cool shape and that she could use it for something, so she tucked it under her pillow.

Can you imagine what my guests would have thought if I hadn't re-made the bed? Eeeew . . .


Hey Ming, do you not get a period at all? Or is it one of those light periods?

And Cheeky, how do you feel on the Seasonale?


I've come up with a solution for all your extra tampons and pad - put them in care packages for your friends! Personnally, I hate having to spend money on pads and tampons. They're expensive, but necessary!

I'm sure others feel the same and would be delighted to get a period care package, with a few tampons, a bar of chocolate and a couple of painkillers!


Re: PCOS related hyperinsulinemia which might be affecting cycle irregularity, there's an Asian veg called Kerala, aka "bitter gourd" or "bitter melon," which is exceptional with aiding insulin resistance. You can get this in capsule form. I've started taking it. Will know after my bloodwork in August what the affect will be. I'm optomistic. Side benefit to it is my skin is more clear now than it's been in a while. Some online resources show that it is quite effective as an adjunct to western medications.

andrea heath

hi no names here but i get the worst periods of my life. Mine only last 4-6 days but the first two r mind blowing i hate heating pads and i eat myself in chocalate also. i am trying so hard to get pregnant and i have no clue where to start. I really want a baby and i cry everytime my period comes. Help please!!!

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