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AMEN, SISTAH! I'm always wondering where the REAL bodies are. Jamie Lee Curtis did one spread a while ago, where she showed what her body really looked like, and I almost cried in gratitude.


Jamie Lee Curtis' body is light years ahead of my goalweight. I think she looks fabulous, and is a realistic representation of a woman in her 40s-nearing-50s. She's got a bawdy, sassiness about her, too; and I think that having the right attidue and accepting one's self and reveling in the moment is where it's at.

I think no matter how thin we get, it will never be enough. Look at Lindsay Lohan! That girl was healthy looking to begin with--now she's downright skeletal! For what? Because someone (probably a MAN) told her she looked a little chubby?

Inside of every thin woman is a chubby-girl-brigade-wannabe, IMHO.

I've been on both sides of the coin. At one point in time, I was a 109#, 5'7" woman, still whimpering I was too fat. Now I'm 250ish (thereabouts!), and realizing how stupid all of that actually is.

Ultimately weight is the only thing people gauge health on, which is ridiculous! I'm my weight now, and my pressure and cholesterol etc are better now than they were when I was 109#; however, as a result of my anorexic-bulemic habits I engaged in in order to maintain my "healthy" weight, probably played a part in aggravating my PCOS and insulin balance.

I do pose a question though... who IS the patron saint of the CGB? Jamie Lee Curtis or Camryn Manheim? It would be interesting to see what the responses would be.


Not Jamie Lee because she's not really fat. And definitely not Oprah (she's been ticking me off in her fat shows lately). But it's a good question. Camryn might work. Let's think about it.


As a mother who has nursed her child, who never had the help of a full-time anything (okay, a full-time chocolate craving), whose stomach is flabby and tiger-striped... YOU TELL THEM, KERI! I'm so sick and tired of articles about women who wear a size 0 complaining about their thunder thighs.

You know, when I was a size 4, I thought I was fat. When I was a size 9, I thought I was hot and dressed to show it. When I was a size 12, I was distressed. And now, when I wear a size 16-18, I KNOW that I'm hot! I wish more women could see themselves that way.

Incidentally, I'd be more than happy to pose naked for any magazine you care to name, unairbrushed, with my spotty skin and dimpled ass hanging out for all the world to see, if I thought it would help other women feel better about themselves. And, of course, if someone wanted to pay me to do it, I wouldn't argue...


I am voting for the patron saint Queen Latifah. She is so beautiful to me!


Queen Latifah definitely, but even so, she's tiny in comparison to some gals I know... but yeah she's very realistic, and I think she's sexy as well. I wish I had her sass, and of course her paycheck!

Oprah, definitely not! Hey, who wouldn't be able to take care of themselves, being a millionaire or is she a billionaire at this point, being able to afford a chef and a personal trainer? Very unrealistic!!


Flabby and tiger-striped here, too. And my tiger stripes are GROOVY. I don't mean that in the 1960's sense, either. I mean there are actual grooves in my skin.

I just want to hug Kirstie Alley every time I see one of her Jenny Craig commercials and slip a vial of self esteem in her back pocket.


I'm torn between Camryn Manheim and Queen Latifah. I think they both are beautiful women that celebrate their fleshy and curvy bodies, but Queen Latifah is more vocal about it, at least in interviews.

Kirstie Alley makes me sad. It's so depressing when a beautiful woman loses her sense of self because of a clothing size. Even when she says she is doing Jenny Craig in order to be healthier, it doesn't have a ring of truth to it, she sounds hollow and mechanical until she begins to talk about how much sex she's going to have when she loses her weight.


Oh heavens how I love Queen Latifah. I love how hot she is in Bringing Down the House. Darling!


I wish I had an equally eloquent response, but I don't so I'll leave it at great post!


I may get beat down for saying this, but I'm going to go with Camryn Manheim, as wonderful as Queen Latifah is. I feel like it our society, it can be more socially acceptable for African-American women to be chubby. Its comparatively rare to hear a white woman being praised for being "bootylicious," or to hear flocks of men agreeing. While I certainly don't meant to minimize Queen Latifah and others' bravery and pride in herself, I do think its in some ways more courageous for Camryn Manheim to do it. Feel free to disagree :)


I have to agree with Bekka on this one, being a fat Black woman, it is more acceptable in society for women of color to be fat. I've hung around with friends of mine who were not Black and far smaller than me who complain about having to lose this or that amount, when I mention my catch phrase "I'm fat" I always get the response "but you look good Shameka" (which I do) but all jokes aside, it is easier for a woman of color to be larger, it isn't such a stigma in the quote un quote Black community. There is Queen Latifah, Monique, that chubby Black girl on Less than Perfect and even the Pine Sol lady among others. Other than Camryn Manheim and that chubby soap opera girl, there aren't that many White women of size in the public eye.

And, Keri is right, Kirstie Alley is sad. She is a beautiful woman, she has a beautiful body and wonderful shape but she's stuck on this lose weight, have sex thing, as though weight has ever stopped anyone in the bedroom. What's truly sad about her is she's in her 50's now, you would think by this time, she would have gotten it together.


I don't know if I would like being called "bootylicious." I guess I'm still hung up on the trying to pass as thin thing. :o) A couple of years ago, I lost 45 lbs. I've kept it off, but according to Weight Watchers, I'm still at least 16 lbs over goal weight. My range is 130-164, and I'm at about 180 now.

I think I might have been 130 in kindergarten, but I'm not sure. :p


Leap, if it helps you any... 180 is my goalweight:)


NM, good luck getting there. :) It sure isn't easy. I felt better when I was running, but haven't been able to lately. I'm getting orthotics next week, which makes me feel like an old, decrepit woman, but on the other hand, I'm really hoping they'll help me run again.

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