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Oh, that's such a great pic! I've had quite a few that I wish I could have artistically touched up in that very way.


Oh, Jerilyn, you're a nut!, That was so funny, I was expecting to see like a floating head or something. You've made my bad morning not quite so bad with that great laugh. Thanks!


That sponge animal thing is a good idea. Don't they usually start out looking like a capsule anyway? It would be just like swallowing a vitamin!

Jerilyn, I think you've really hit on something here.

Kim Siever

Better yet, I had a sex change, so it doesn't matter to me.


Youre so funny chicky!

Kim Siever

Ohhh...so sneaky, Jerilyn.


I just love Photoshop!


Me too! Photoshop is the greatest. Unfortunately, I haven't reached Jerilyn's level of finesse with the program.

One time I actually tried photoshopping out a bit of fat that showed beneath a shirt during a bowling victory pose, but I got fed up before I could finish.

Hey, Jerilyn, if you hit a lull in the work pile-up, can I get you to check out the photo to see what you can do?


I'm on my way to Sudan to buy a tape-worm .

Da Zip

Aimee Roo



Photoshop is magic. It's so magic, in fact, that I'm going to buy a scanner, install the program on the computer, touch up every picture of me from birth onwards and then insist only on showing the digital copies.

Then I'm going to eat some chocolate, because I'll be all worn out from all the work.

Hmm... internal parasites, you say. Let me know when they hit the market commercially.

Erin P.

I have had such a horrible day. I can always count on a laugh from this site.

Thank you from the bottom of my bag of lightly salted potato chips.... er, heart.

Mary Siever

He's a bonafide man! Really he is! (Kim I mean).

Jerilyn, your Self is a very sensible person.


I'm with Zippy.

But I'd rather kiss someone with Mono. So many of my friends in high school got mono, and I never did. They all lost 60 pounds and...

well, I never did.


Not that I would recommend weight loss surgery just to get to tell a good joke, but I did follow the suggestion of someone on-line who said to make sure to ask, when woken after surgery "did it work? Am I skinny now?"

The look on the nurses faces was priceless.

As to pictures, they are evil. My favorite photoshop trick? Making it look like my pores aren't really giant visable pits. I do have to be careful though. Some of my wedding pictures were a bit over done and make it look like I've been partly erased.

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