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baby onth

You have such nice blue eyes. I have hazel, which my sister, GAF, and I decided was an ugly name and our neighbor had that name and so I just assumed hazel eyes were ugly, too. So I always envy people with blue or green eyes. What is your middle name?


Onth, which one was Hazel? The lady in the tiny house behind the one we lived in on Church Road? I think that's who it was. Man, that was a TINY house. It was more like a walk-in closet.


Shelly, you do have lovely eyes. And teeth. And cows are very yummy. AND WHAT IS YOUR MIDDLE NAME? I won't be able to sleep now for wondering what it could be!


She won't tell you her middle name until you buy her a drink, so go ahead and send her 5 bucks with your recipes and then she'll tell you.

Shelly, your blog is so funny and CREEPY! I would be moving my big bootay out of that house pronto!


I will guess her middle name is Bob.

baby onth

My guess is that her middle name is Hazel in which case I have insulted her by saying it is an ugly name. I'm so sorry. GAF, Hazel lived behind us in that impossibly small house. More like a detatched room with a kitchenette. Now I want potato salad - the GAF kind. It is the best in the world.


I am so glad to have a face with the recipes, especially because you were totally over zealous and SENT THREE! Way to show us all up and you are a chef to boot, which means the recipes are going be to really good! I am sure GAF and Jerilyn will tell you this, but I am pretty sure the rules for the Recipe Brigade are that 1) If you are a chef, you cannot mock the recipes others send 2) If you know a way to improve a recipe sent to you, you must SHARE! Isn't that right GAF, Jerilyn??? FYI, I am the meatball girl, don't mock.


May I PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE have a more exact mashed potato recipe? It sounds soooo yummy the way you make them, but I'm just not smart enough to figure out the amounts of everything on my own!

Oh, and welcome to the Brigade!!


I second the request for a mashed potato recipe.

AND TO BE FAIR: I got Shelly's profile a week or so ago when the blasted meatball recipe from DanaLee the Overachiever was the only one any of us got.


Hey Shelly!

Now I wish I was in on the recipie swap *sniff*. Why didn't I do that? Oh yeah, because I'm unreliable, that's why...

Anyway, Shelly, you've got eyes just like my daughter, which is okay by me. Hurrah for Shelly!


Welcome Shelly, that Heaven and Hell recipe sounds great, though I must admit I'm terrified to try the flambe part. YOu do have great eyes.

I'm sad I didn't join the recipe club either but, I'm lazy. Blast me.


Sorry it took so long to respond (and thanks for the comments on the eyes!) ...

I *have* gotten a whole bunch of recipes since I sent this in. Yay! Haven't had a chance to try them yet, though. And sorry for the "overacheiver" in me that sent three - I swear I thought she'd asked for a meal that could be cooked fast - to me, a "meal" is at least dinner (with a side dish!) and a dessert!

Um...as for the amounts in my favorite mashed potatoes - that's hard. I used to make it in school and I'd made batches with 10# of potatoes at a time - it was for a restaurant. *That* recipe is 10# of potatoes, peeled and cut; 3# cream cheese, 1# white cheddar cheese and 1# butter. That feeds something like 50 people (unless I'm involved, then that's *my* serving and screw everyone else).

And my middle name? I'll be fair and give you the same hints I give everyone at the bar: 1) begins with an "A", 2) sounds like 2 names put together, 3) it has 9 letters, and 4) I'm named after a "b-movie" actress in the 60's and 70's.





I'll raise you ... mine is 5 letters and I'm named after my Grandfather.

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