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Well GAF, I suppose we know where your future career path is headed...who knew!

Naomi I can't decide what I like better, the your fabulous name or the coolio element that you were born on April 1st! Either way you must have a fabulous life! Welcome, welcome, welcome!


Naomi you have beautiful soft curls! I envy your hair!

Your blog is so incredibly entertaining, but I can't for the life of me figure out where you're from!!!! It's driving me crazy!!

naomi paradise

I'm American, but raised in Sweden, by Swedish parents. I'm excited and I spend most of my spare time in New York.


That's awesome! So then do you have a Swedish accent? You're so beautiful! (I think I totally have a crush on you.)


Does your pin say "Naomi 4-ever"? That. is. awesome.



I worked in a Swedish kitchen for my second internship. Those guys *loved* teaching my dirty Swedish phrases. (Apparently, my accent is perfect LOL)

I can still remember a few of them - I never have anyone to prcatice them on here in WV.

I don't know how to spell them correctly - but I can spell phonetically...my favorite one was "Din momma in horra," but all the guys thought it was great when I said "Yog veel svruga kook."

Hehe. Dirty Swedish kitchen boys. Man, they were hot.

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