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Hi Jenna,

If my legs looked that great I'd wear skirts more often. Or ever.

Have you tried the Kernels White Cheddar popcorn seasoning? Heavenly!


I adore your skirt.

Welcome to the Brigade, Jenna!


I have a few critical corrections to my conversation with Jerilyn. First, yes Jerilyn is more fabulous than fat Oprah, in fact I would say just about everyone on the planet is better than her. That's right, My name is DanaLee and I am ANTI OPRAH. To make you gasp louder, I am also ANTI Dr. Phill. That fact alone has made it difficult for Jerilyn to love me, but she is coming around. Yes, I know Oprah gives to poor children and brings hope to man kind, blah blah blah. I still don't like her, her dogs, or her Steadman.

The other critical factor is not only did we pick up the fact that you were a BYU student by the homemade quilt, but also by the fact of the wholesomeness of the pictures behind you.

Also, I agree if you really want to "qualify" and don't have time to make lots of cheesecake, I can give you tons of places in Provo/Orem to help pack on the pounds. After all, Cougars Don't Cut Corners! In fact, right now you should march down to the Creamery and eat some pistachio ice cream! Umm, the Creamery, gosh I miss that place!


Oh, I am also glad Jerilyn refrained from sharing the part of the conversation where I said something like, "Curses! She is young, beautiful, and anything but Chubby....let's gouge her eyes out!" Welcome Jenna, but next time you send a skinny pic, at least send in one with a zit!


Jenna you are beautiful! Welcome to the brigade!


Wait wait wait. DanaLee you hate Oprah AND Dr. Phil and yet you lavish praises on Constantine? I am officially appalled. ;)

Welcome, Jenna!


Well Jeriyln, I must say, that you and the rest of the CGB have given me just the kind of welcome that any girl could dream of (chubby, skinny, or otherwise). Sono molto contento (I am very content) and flattery is the best medicine. Thanks to everyone for all of the wonderful comments

This is the only time that I have wanted to defend my weight as something high (I am glad you would let me in!!!!!), I do agree that is a good picture of me, and it is a good one because I only have good ones from months ago when I let my roommates take some, before I gained even more weight. So if it is any consolations mia gambas (my legs) are not quite as skinny anymore, but I think, just as hot.

BTW, that hand tied quilt and the skirt were both made by my Grandmother. The quilt is/was my baby blanket. And she will be glad that people like her skirts. I love them. No pants for me during the summer. Only skirts. Very breezy.

You all should know that while talking to my counselor about weight issues (who doesn't have them?), I mentioned the Chubby Girl Brigade, and she loved the idea! She thought it was a great thing that people would get together to celebrate eating (no dieting) and real bodies (not the bodies that Hollywood has convinced us that we should have). Yay for us. Yay for me for being a part of us. Yay for all of you for helping me feel okay about myself. Yay for this long comment, which may qualify as the longest comment of all time. In fact I wonder if I can even post comments this long.

Oh Oh DanaLee. I finally found someone else who hates Dr. Phil. Do you have a hard time watching Oprah's gift episode as well? I become green with jealousy and must change the station. Why should everyone else get all of that and not me?

Aimee Roo

love, love, love that skirt! :)


You're at BYU? Uh...I live in Orem and if at any time you get sick of that skirt ( ;) ) or want to be chubby with someone (I'm always willing to order an appetizer, entree, and dessert) email me.


Or me! And Sus, you know I'm down with eating, so we should do a reunion installment of CGB Lunch Outing one of these days. E-mail me, girl!


That is a gret skirt. Welcome Jenna!


UT gals, if you gather together, can you do it at Hires and have a vanilla coke, with yummy fries and fry sauce just for me? Oh man, do I miss that place!

Jeanna, I NEVER watch Oprah, granted it comes on while I am at work, so that is mostly why. However, I am sure I would have issues with the gift show. Even if she came on I night, I wouldn't watch her.

Kelly, https://www.sevenscarabs.com/constantine.htm

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