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baby onth

My brain read that the "cat" had an oil leak that had not been fixed and yes, I was very alarmed. I hate it when my brain does the wrong thing. Hi Melanie!


Your picture is SO beautiful! WOW!
I will say more later when I am not slathered in vick's vaporub praying for death.
welcome pretty girl!


Dang, I can't wait to get my oven fixed so that I can try all these recipes!

Welcome Pretty Lady!

And I would appreciate if ALL Chubbies posted recipes of things they talk about in their blogs, especially if they made them, especially if it's strawberry pie.


FOR Leigh:
cholo covered strawberries the fast way....bar of chololate candy,strawberrys,cut off tops, take a bite of candy bar, and a bite of strawberry LOL...O.K. just wanted to be silly, thats what I made for easter...well not the way I posted, I did it the right way for easter:P


Hello Melanie! I love Jamie Oliver too...though he puts too much chili in his savoury food for me...I digress. I also don't want to be skinny - I'm dieting at the moment but my goal is to be a UK size 16 (US 14) which would be amazing for me. About 180 sounds fine to me...you're a babe!

Sal x

Aimee Roo

Ok, I will admit it... I want to be skinny. But then, it's only because when I am at a healthy weight for myself, I am skinny. Can I help it if my frame is small?? ;)

However, I think it is the absolute best attitude in the world to focus on health and not size. You go girl!


Hi, hello, and thank you thank you! I feel special to be here, and slightly conspicuous because I meant to send in the smaller version of that photo. Cause whoa, that's a big photo.


Hello Hellooooo.

chocolate and oranges... Yummy!


Big photo that shows your features beautifully!

You are cute as a button.


Kim Siever

Wow, what a cool photo. One day I hope to buy a real digital camera that can take cool photos like that. If it wasn't for Photoshop, none of my photos would ever approach coolness as the occasional on does now.


So what is required to read Melanie's blog?


It's a LiveJournal blog, so only people she allows can read it.

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