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Easter Haiku

Pink marshmellow peeps
Reeses eggs, Cadbury eggs
South Beach Diet what?


You are one talented babe!


Cutest poem ever!

Aimee Roo

Love it!

Happy Easter!

Erin P.

I was sugar-free for over two weeks. Guess I can always start over on Monday.

Until then... headaches and licorice jellybeans. Hurrah.

Chad too

Sugar-free? I have a new sugar free treat that I can't get the sugar-eaters in the family to leave alone.

I took a packet of unsweetened Kool-aid (there's a new invisible raspberry flavor that this works really well with) and added it to a chilled 2-liter bottle of Diet Sierra Mist. Do it in the sink because the powder can make the soda fizz up.

The raspberry flavor adds a nice taste with a crisp tang to it, and the 2-liters bottle of Diet drink is vastly improved. No sugar anywhere.

Now if I can just get everyone else to STOP DRINKING MY DIET SODA!

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