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Mary Siever

Right now happiness would be a hot, roaring fire in a fireplace. It's COLD in here (and out side). Warmth is my best friend.

:) I have to agree with your happiness is ideas too! Especially the first one, lol.


I bet the one you lied about was the cold. Everyone knows mom get the cold last.

Kim Siever

Eating a bunch of something (cookies, sandwiches, etc) and thinking you only have one more left, looking over and seeing two. It's like getting an extra one for free.

Kim Siever

Being married for ten years.

Mary Siever

ok, yes, that too :) and being married to Kim.


Happiness is my hubby putting the heating pad on my side of the bed so that when I pulled back the covers on a cold winter's night, I entered snuggly warmness.

Oh, Kim and Mary, you are so sweet to one another.

lost angel

your first happiness of seeing a karmic comeuppance is something I dream of more often than a 20% raise.

Anyone seeing my paycheck will know how often I dream of that!

Happiness is seeing a 75% completed Weekly To Do list at 3pm on a thursday afternoon.


I found a five dollar bill in a coat pocket the other day. You would have thought it was $100 with how happy I was upon finding it.

Also, my daughter fell asleep in my lap as I worked on the computer yesterday. I love moments like that.

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