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Hey! I've got a skirt named after me! That's awesome!

"Cicely Skirt:
Poly satin skirt with stretch waistband. Black lace inset. Colors: Lavender, Sage, Black. Made in the USA by b&lu."


And it's ALMOST as cute as you!


Actually, I would get the Botticelli one too, but I fear that every time I'd go out in public, people would want me to cover it up.


I love the Dot-e skirt. It makes me wish my name was Dottie.


I really really want to CGB ringer tee from Cafe Press, and if only they accepted paypal, because I have lots of money in my paypal account thanks to eeeeeebay.

Miss Laura

My mother's name is Dotti!

She hates the name - but I'm jealous because Dorothy Parker was called Dotti as well. Of course, she could hate it because her maiden name is Dodd.

Miss Laura

Also, I want the celeste skirt.


Pretty pretty skirts! That I would never wear but so pretty! I want the Ms Saigon one in green and black!

And the black/pink zen wrap skirt, even though on me it would look like ass. And not in a hot way.


I also love the name Dotti because it rhymes with the words naughty and hottie. Oh, how I'd love a poem from a romantic admirer if that were the case. But, no, I get poems like this.

Oh, Sara your body is covered in hair-ah.
Oh Sara, if you had a twin her name would be Tara.
Oh, Sara, your skin on your elbows is like the Sahara.
Oh, Sara. Oh, Sara.

I also love the Happy Hour skirt. I already have the perfect shoes. Now finding the perfect top might be a problem but if I really enjoy happy hour I won't care, right?


Guylian chocolate seashells, food of the gods - http://chocolat.com or just google it. Mmmm now I'm hungry...

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