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The LB I shop at don't have lighting like that. Its actually very flattering. And they have chairs in the room for sitting down when you get tired, or frustrated :)


I am wearing a pair of LB size 28 flare jeans right this very minute. Big props on your sconces and fainting couches idea, though for me the scones would mean I wouldn't necessarily be required to faint at seeing how I look in something like a red tube top. (The fastest I ever moved was getting out of that.) Did you get you some bras? I personally love LB bras, but I'm only without underwire if I'm unconcious and sometimes not even then.


Snip a little hole at the end of the underwire casing and REMOVE THE UNDERWIRE. ( Pay attention carefully and you will not cut anything to compromise the integrity of the bra.) Liberation!


I have long thought that the man who invented underwire bras should be wearing an underwire jockstrap.


Man, I thought I was the only person who couldn't manage an underwire. At least strapped around me. I can manage full well to swing one at a tiny 16-year-old clerk in a training bra who tells me that my bust is simply too large for anything BUT an underwire bra. And while I'm on the topic, why must bras make my bosom pointy?? I have ten fingers with which to point, and after a certain size, pointy busts really just become a safety hazard. Is it too much to ask for nicely rounded support?


I bought the Sensual Curves no-wire satin bra at Lane Bryant once because it was on clearance for 4 bucks or something. It's actually one of the more comfortable bras I own, although it's not good for creating any kind of cleavage as it's pretty much full coverage. On the flip side, it has serious side support to help the wearer avoid any unintentional side boobage.


Umm...as if side boobage is ever intentional.

Mary Siever

I hate underwire. I refuse to wear it and I think they should be banned. I lvoe sports bras. SO comfortable! There are also Decent Exposure bras (or unbras). They are great for nursing though support...maybe.


i despise underwire bras because i also spend time hiking the bra down or i spend the day with underwire poking my underarm.

the demi-cup bras from LB are actually the most comfortable underwire i've worn in forever (there was once a lovely bra from bali that i discovered, then it was discontinued). anyway, the demi-cup is good, but it unfortunately only comes up to a DD cup. so, i don't wear those.

um, yeah, anyway. i wish the no-wire bras were more attractive.


Speaking of underwires...

I recently found one that I actually love. What is freakishly amazing is that it is made by Victoria's Secret, the same company I once cursed because they catered only to 36 or lower and their D-cups were more like an A and a half. I'm so glad, when I went in to buy only fragrance, that the sales lady persuaded me to try on the "Body By Victoria" bras... because even in bad lighting I looked pretty dang good and it was comfortable too. All I can say is...

check 'em out (Click on ~Zes~) and then try 'em. If you don't like what you see, you can choke me to death with it, underwire and all.


Ick, ick, ick, ick. I spit on non-underwire bras *patooee*. My sister recently had a baby and is at a size where underwire is UNAVAILABLE. She and I are counting the days til she can wear it again. Blech!!!

Sports bras and lack-o-wire ones are hideous on me. (Frankly on anyone, in my personal and very snotty opinion.) I've refused to wear one since 10th grade.

I personally have LB's Deep Plunge Cleavage-Enhancing bras in about 3 colors. Mmmmmm. I hate the feeling of fabric/wire between 'the boys'; on this one it is only about 2 inches long. Lovely!


ok well when you have no breasts at all, the underwire rides up because it has nothing to hold onto, therefore resulting in the same public bra-yanking. And the same funny looks. Alas, we are two different books on the same shelf.


I have bra fitting advice. This is an old post, but maybe it will help you.
If the underwires are bothering you it is most likely due to not wearing the correct size for your body type. I own an Online Lingerie Boutique, GigisCloset.com, and this is fairly common with women who have large breasts and/ or chubby.
Solution (most likely) go down in band size and up in Cup size(s). The letter is just a letter. My mother had the same exact problem. She is looking AWESOME in a 36FF. She looks so put together. She was wearing 38 DDD or E and it just wasn't right. The wires were uncomfortable, the support wasn't what it could be. The size in the measurement was coming from her breasts, not her back. If your frame is smaller, this maybe the same issue you have.

I would also recommned a quality made bra because they are graded for each and every size. Graded means that a 38 band is different than a 36 band as well as the wire for the cup is different for each and every band size. They don't just take a D cup wire and stick it on a 36 band. Quality bras are made special for each size. That is one of the reasons why they are more expensive. If it is cheap, then it is cheap.
BTW, I love wireless bras. They are great. I am working on getting some in large cup sizes at my store.
I carry every size in bras.
this is a fun site.

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