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Miss Laura

Not only have I compared Santa to Humbert Humbert, but I once compared Godspeed You Black Emperor (known for their apocalyptic bleak hopeless monologues over dire, doomy blasting music) to Sunday School. I don't think I'm "mom approved" so I apologize beforehand. But when asking forgiveness I usually provide chocolate to ease the forgiving process so it's not so bad.

Kim Siever

Good luck, Jerilyn. My mum found my blog too, but I am certain she did not laugh hysterically. I probably even offended her a few times.


Actually, she has very thick skin (or so she says). However, I'm sure the references to being a Democrat in my personal blog were LOADS more offensive than anything else.


I use so many swear words. I'm not really sorry about it, but blame me if you need to.


EXCELLENT. A scapegoat. Exactly what I asked for for Christmas.

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