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It is my understanding, that a CNP, is basically a DR. There's no reason she couldn't have done something for your blood pressure. She may still be suffering from the remnants of RN-itis


I have overcome Afrin addiction many times. Once I was on it for months-- I didn't go anywhere without it and was so brazen I'd snort it up in public, at restaurants, wherever. My husband has also been addicted. Sometimes we are addicted at the same time and will have arguments over who gets "the puff" and who used the last of the puff and who is going to go to the CVS that's five whole minutes away and buy more puff.

I feel for you. I'm rooting for you. And I don't know if I should say it, but you really don't need the steroid spray-- just wean yourself off it it. You'll be back to normal in three days.


The nasal steroid should work just fine. I have also heard of mixing Afrin with nasal saline spray in successively lower concentrations to wean yourself off the Afrin.
What I do to prevent the "addiction" is use the 12 hour Afrin, and I only use it at night so I can sleep. During the day I can usually tolerate the stuffiness or I use a saline spray, sudafed or an antihistamine if it's too much.
Good luck!

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