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Another clumsy chubby chick!! Glad to hear I'm not alone!!!


Oh yea babe....EVERY SINGLE shirt I own has those stains. EVERY ONE. And husband asks why I alawys wear black...it's not cause I think it will make me look slimmer.


When I was simply chubby, I managed to keep my clothes clean. As soon as I breached the confounded two hundred mark, suddenly a whole developed in my jaw, and my breasts grew three sizes too large, kind of like the Grinch.

In fact, right now, at this very moment, I'm eating one of my favorite (though embarrassing foods) and, since I'm at work, it's imperative that I keep my sweater clean. The food is Nachos Bellgrande from Taco Bell. They are really one of the most artificial foods available, but I love them without reason. The cheese is Cheez. The meat is pseudo-beef. And I'm convinced the tomatoes are man-made. And the subtle combination of flavors, with hot sauce, is heaven in my mouth.

So far, still clean.


Sue, how do you do it? I refuse to stick a napkin in my shirt. And you don't even WANT to know what that pseudo beef is, even if it is real beef. I'm reading "Fast Food Nation" and I am entirely grossed out.


Sue, we are Taco Bell sisters! I love the Nacho Bellgrande more than anything!! Its a toss up between that and Ben and Jerry's Half Baked Twisted as to what is really an orgasm in a cup (or bowl)

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