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Kim Siever

Hits include every page view, every image that pops up, every server-side include, every external CSS file, etc. Hits is a more accurate gauge of server usage than it is site traffic.


If we're counting those kind of hits, then we've hit well over 30K. I'm only counting unique visitors.


Alaska isn't in Canada?


How are you? My name is Shemul Ahamed. I am from Bangladesh, based in Dhaka. I am hardware & network eng also a multimedia programmer & Graphic designer. I am the Seconds son in my family. I am 5'6 tall, 26, single, happy and unattached. Having black hair and black eyes. I love my parents.

I have very sophisticated & soft Heart. I'm associative, cheerful, tender, very passionate young man... So you'll not be bored with me! I'm energetic, generous, kind-hearted, intelligent, independent, understanding and patient, honest, loyal, straightforward and affectionate person who loves to laugh.

Right now I am from Riyadh Saudi Arabia .I am looking a girl who is the citizen of CANADA.

My dream is to go to CANADA and settled in Canada. So I like to marry a Canadian girl .if any Canadian girl are interested to marry me please mail me. my email address is [email protected].

Well I must stop here. Allah - Hafez

Good-bye and have a nice day.



i've helped a couple of US girls find mates already and have answered over a hundred emails from US girls seeking info on how to marry a canadian. haven't found one for me yet.

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