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I like to make scrambled eggs w/ taco meat. After you crack open the eggs and beat them add some taco meat, some salsa, cumin, garlic salt, pepper and cheese and cook however you normally cook scrambled eggs. I like to have it with hashbrowns sprinkled with cajun seasoning.

Kim Siever

"There are WAY too many people wanting to see pictures of Rachel Ray in the buff"

At least you're not getting search terms for "women peeing in public".

"So I got to thinking, what can you do with leftover taco meat?"

Fry it with diced potatoes, peppers and onions and have it for breakfast.


We did get a hit off of someone who googled "women pooping fully clothed." I almost tossed my computer out the window and despaired for the fate of humanity.

Kim Siever

Oh, yeah? Well, can you top: women who breastfeed men?


rrrrrr. Someone google "Men who breastfeed women" quick!

Miss Laura

You know, Leftover Taco Meat really wouldn't be a very good name for a band. At least not one I'd want to see - too close to Meatloaf to make my stomach do anything but rumble.


This is hilarious! We have 5 kids and still a ton of leftover taco meat. I am seriously trying to figure out if it can be morphed into chili or something else unrecognizable of last night's dinner. My husband said throw it out and order pizza, but I can't waste over a pound of meat (started as a giant valpak). He'll appreciate these suggestions.


I find the leftover taco meat great for the filling for little home made pies and could be used for larger ones too. I add chopped tomatoes, jalapenos, & cheese to the mix then cook the pie. YUMMO!!!

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