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I know I told you this already, but we have a Kirby. It was left to us by my in-laws, but seeing as how we only have one room in our entire house that has carpet (and 3-kids-and-4-dogs-and-we-never-take-off-our-shoes-bad carpet, at that) it's kind of a waste.

In addition to the Kirby, they left us an Oreck canister vacuum and a Bissel carpet cleaner and of the three, I love the Oreck the most, because that baby can not only pick up small children, it will SUCK SPIDERS INTO THE DEPTHS OF HELL WHERE THEY BELONG.


My grandmother who had Osteoporosis and other ailments bought a three story condo. Whatever. She lived on the main floor and the top floor and bottom floor were furnished, but really only used for guests. She had a vacuum on each floor and a cleaning girl who came in once a week. This woman must have weighed 100 pounds soaking wet and was about 5'0" tall.
When Grandma passed away we were going through the house and found the three vacuums. One ws an old electrolux, one was a Bissell and one was the evil, evil Kirby. WE tried to move it, it barely budged, we tried to lift it up. That thing must have weighed at least 50 - 60 pounds. It is like a lead weight. It comes with a VHS tape and a Book (!!) that tell you how to use it. In going through her paperwork we found the receipt. We almost wanted to find that evil man who came to the house of an old lady and sold her that horrid beast. We always tell people to never get a Kirby and we could never figure out how that teeny, tiny cleaning lady could maneuver that pig.
Since Mom knows how much it cost we brought it up to the summer house in Maine where it hogs up an entire closet. WE argue when it is time to vacuum over who gets the job of touching that thing....

*rant over*


I shoulda marched out of the room and slugged Mr. Iowa for all those old ladies who fell victim to the Kirby sales hypnosis, uh, I mean pitch. We did have a Kirby when I was growing up and it was a heavy monster, but it lasted nearly forever and did a good job. However, I won't say that it saved on carpet replacement (our salesman was BIG on pitching this argument) because after 10 years, orange shag just grates on the nerves and you need to replace it even it is still in good shape.


I had a kirby that we bought at the thrift store when we were first married. The damn thing would not die. I would try to kill it, because I could not justify buying a new one while that one still lived. I'd suck up shoe laces and old rags. Would not die.

Finally this year when we got our rebate check from cosco, I went out and shamelessly spent it on a bagless Hoover. I love it. And the kirby lives in the garage to clean out the cars. I'll probabaly still have it when I die.


Hopefully you don't have the "Christine" of vacuum cleaners. Things that refuse to die have a habit of coming back and wreaking horrible, scary, Stephen-Kingish revenge on those that try to kill them.

(My comments may have been influenced by scary movies)


My husband worked as an office manager for a Kirby distributor for a while and was given an old Kirby by his boss. I like it lots, and given how much you can haggle them down, I'm hoping when it finally dies to get another. Given how long they last, it's worth the cost, because bird pellets cause a lot of wear on vacuums and ones from stores die in a year or two with us.


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