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At first, when i read you always saying "Southern Oregon" I was like, hey, whatever, maybe she's not anywhere near me. but then you mentioned Medford and i was like "whoa! my dad flies that all the time! (i'm sure if you were on a plane with him, he was the reason for the weight problem... he's beyond chubby.)"

nothing really important to say. I just wanted to let you know that i think we live somewhere near eachother. unless you walked from Arizona to fly from Medford. Whatever.


Megan, I DO LIVE IN MEDFORD. And whenever I"m in line at the grocery store, or at Target, or (um...where else do I go?) and I see a chubby girl, I think "I should tell her about the CGB so she can go home and eat that bag of Nestle's Creamy Caramel Treasures/Pillsbury White Chocolate and Macadamia Nut Cookie Dough and be proud!" But then I worry that they would just think I was calling them fat. So I keep my mouth shut.

Now I'll just wonder if she's you. We should probably go to lunch someday so people won't be so skeeved when I stare at them.

Miss Laura

Jerilyn, you are totally picking up girls now. You're my hero!


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