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I received quite a shock yesterday as I walked into one of Mom's guest bedrooms--there was my daughter and her stepcousin, a boy, giving each other backrubs. I ran screaming into the bathroom and had to be sedated with several spoonsful of Cool Whip.


Speaking of stuffing...

My sister made the best. She made an artichoke and spinach stuffing. She baked it in muffin tins to save on cooking time. We ended up calling them stuffins. Man, it was good stuff. If you want the recipe I'll be happy to get it from her and post it.

Miss Laura

A boy, whipped cream, and screaming - some people have all the luck.

Miss Laura

Zesdy - I want! I want!

Although, I think I have made a similar dish that I got from the "Essential Mormon Cookbook", but just in case....


Well, come to find out, my sister got the recipe off foodnetwork.com. The only differences are:
1}She used frozen spinach
2}She placed the the freshly grated Parmesan on each stuffin and baked in muffin tins.

You can click on ~Zes~ to get to the recipe. I say, anything with Brie in it tastes devine.

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