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I'm probably going as Anna Nicole pre-Trimspa x32. Let my inner tramp out!


You are my kinda gal GAF. I love dressing up too. And I can't bear to part with my costumes either. I have a whole butt-load of never to be worn again costumes in the garage.

Me and the girls are going to be the power-puff girls, and the dh is going to be the professor and the baby boy is going to be the mayor, and the dog is going to be mojo jojo. My kids tell me this every half-hour or so. I'm so excited!


Oooooo--family costumes! How fun! I wish I could get my kids to participate in that, but the older ones are at the age where they have enough trouble being related to me without having to be part of a family Halloween group.

Interesting note (or not): the year my friend dressed up like an old lady, she was with me, my sister and three brothers and we were all dressed up as the Fruit of the Loom gang, based on the commercials of the time. I was the bunch of grapes. We got a lot of laughs at the houses we went to.

We save all our costumes too. My two youngest kids like October because that means the costume box is readily available and they can pretty much wear costumes all the time.


GAF, I bought a black feather boa yesterday for my Marilyn Monroe costume and thought of you. I absolutely love it! Boa = instant seductress! The only bad thing is that when I got home I realized that the black dye had rubbed off on my hands, arms, and neck. Not so sexy, that.




Annie Pool,
You are supposed to be home sick from school, not reading your mother's website.


PS>How cute is she?

Gail Brown

I dressed as a princess with happy endings of movies written all over my outfit.....like...love is never having to say you are sorry, etc. Then I had a high smiley face on my butt. I was a fairy tale with a happy ending.


Funny story -
The hubby and I stop in a costume store and I ask the sales guy if he has any whips (his eyes pop out of his head) No no...I explain we're going as a lion and lion tamer for Halloween (we're not kinky like that, at least not in public) He then recommends an "adult" store downtown similar to Fredericks of Hollywood - I leave trying not to laugh at the poor boy

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