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cora lynn pinkton

Hi, Love the site I wanna post some pics later...I am a Chubby Chick With a massive Ego..hehe=P I guess I love my fat Arse big and beautiful I was reading all your aticals one late night when I was a little down after shopping at Old Navy~~And I know your thinking how fat can she be if she is shoping at Old Navy well trust me guys I looked at all the pretty clothing REMIND YOU LOOKED and then got mad casue it aint fair they have a hole freaking store for skinny girls with pretty colors and I cant fit in them so I *sighed and grabed my Old Navy Hoodie I wanted "IN THE GUY SECTION XXL" and left the store and to what to my suprise a catherines "AKA FAT CHICK STORE" right next door how freaking convenent is that Skinny girls grab your fat friends and drop them off next door now mind you catherins has some cute clothing "YA FOR MY MOM" I am 26 have three boys cant I to look a little trendy I mean what is it with this hidious line of clothing us chubby chicks are made to wear I have to shop in the guys section to get something half way trendy and then how embarassing is it to run in to some 130 pound guy wearing the same shirt but 4 sizes smaller YIKES...Honestly I would like to look a little more trendyer with out looking like I took a shoe horn to get in to that dress..There has to be some chubby chick clothes makers Oh yeah and another thing how fair is it to charge 3 dollars more for a outfit just casue your a plus size fair I THINK NOT.....TY for litening to me ramble


how it work


If we want to change our profile picture later, do we just send it to the same email addy?

Miss Laura

sure thing! or you can e-mail it straight to me then you can as well (my address is laura at specsappeal.net)


has anyone else heard of or tried this trick. A whole lot of us lovely large ladies have had the pleasure of our tights/stockings/nylons making a kind of scratchy noise when we glide across the floor. It's like having your own twisted theme music that accompanies your every step. Try this: put your hose on INSIDE OUT!Oh my god it works! No more leggings under my skirt- well, except for when I want to dress up like Molly RIngwald! ZAFTIG SISTAS!!


I AM 22.BANGLADESHI.MY CELL IS 088-0189187632


You girls are all so beautiful! Not only am I chubby, I am also an Amazon, and feel as though I've finally found an army of my brethren. :) I plan on submitting a profile soon! :D

Keep up the good work. :D


Ok My Name is Dorothy I am 48 and PHAT. As a matter of fact you can see with my email address that I am not only accepting of my girth but I am totally loving with my self and think PHAT is HOT. Skinny is ok but it AINT necessary.
Ok my go to food is Dove dark chocolate. I also love Cashews and I eat them even though they hurt me. (I have diverticulosis, or diverticulitis when I have a flare up)
My favorite think to do is play on the computer and I have a laptop tablet pc whick I actually named my chesttop because I lay in bed at night with it on or near my chest and SURF SURF SURF. I just bought an HP IPAQ that is wireless and I like it alot too.
So heres to all ya old (or yound) PHAT surfing babes.

I get a pic to you soon


this is an awesome site! I am def. sending in a profile!

Tina  chesko

hi i'm 4 foot9 and weigh 145 I'm chubby and very sexy.

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