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Danielle LaFleur

I'm curious to what airline. (Make sure I don't book a flight with them.) So far, most of the horror stories I have heard concerning this discrimination are from Southwest. (I say this discrimination as is: A woman, who couldn't be taller then 5'4, a size 14 and 35 lbs overweight has to buy an extra seat - but man who is 6'6 and 280lbs doesn't have to because he is in his size/weight class.) - It's idiotic. - Frankly, I think this boils down to airlines loosing money and this is how they are recouping losses. ....Screw creating a good business plan- let's charge anyone over size 10 more money!


JJerilyn, I swear you get funnier every day. Consider yourself worshiped.


I am one of the women that was bumped! I believe that a few clarifications are in order: #1 - It is true that I named my dog Edgar, and the Edgar Shrine is a sacred place in my home. #2 - Although probably old enough to be Jerilyn's mother, I only profess to have been her babysitter. (If anyone wants good "Jerilyn as a child" stories, they can be purchased for a reasonable fee!) #3 - It was United Airlines that we were flying. #4 - They compted us the tickets because the clerk admitted that the flight held 27 seats, and they had sold 29 tickets! Interesting that my weight had something to do with them being greedy, over zealous business people!


Why Wendy, I seem to have blocked out all memories of me being anything but a sweet, angelic child.


Wendy, is chocolate an acceptable form of currency? I'd pay you in paper money, but I traded it all in for candy.


Jerilyn: you were very "angelic".
GAF: only if the chocolate has nuts in it.


Wendy, I love that you put angelic in quotes.


i don't know why they would put a weight restriction on a flight to seattle because i'm from there, and not to be politically incorrect or anything, but many people in that area carry excess baggage, including myself. those jerks.


I just flew to Spokane on southwest and i actually was quite comfortable. I am 5'9" and a size 22 and i had more leg room than most other flights i have taken. the seatbelt wasnt even at its tightest. i was afraid because i had heard horror stories about southwest, but it was all pretty good. i have also had pretty good luck with alaska. just some thoughts :)

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