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Totally awesome! I have been considering implementing the Meth diet, but with an added Xanax component, for after 5. The doctor, though, doesn't think I'm cute when I say, "Hey, can I get some amphetamines?" Guess I'll have to hit the streets.

My favorite loony diet so far is the "Garden of Eden" diet where you eat nothing but raw vegetables and carrot juice (!) forever. My mom tried to foist this one on me many years ago. I said, "Mom, if nothing else is the same as it was when there was a Garden of Eden, why should we eat like it?" She said, "Jesus doesn't like it when you're a smartass."


"She said, 'Jesus doesn't like it when you're a smartass.'"

That is the funniest thing I have read today.

Miss Laura

Same here actually - mwahahaha!


Diets I've tried: The cabbage soup diet. Not good at all when made with spicy V8, quite hellish, in fact. I either lost or gained one pound, I don't recall.

Diets I've made up:

Poverty diet. Eat only what you can afford through temp work. A box of ricearoni (without butter) should last 3 days or more. On payday, buy a candy bar. This is guaranteed melt pounds.

Eat only what the baby eats. This one only worked before the baby became hopelessly addicted to vanilla wafers, whole milk, and juice.

I'm interested in that Meth Diet. I hear it's quite effective.

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