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Is being called "The Legend" similar to being called "The Talent"?


If you and I had a dime for every time we made out with a boy just to get his brother's attention—YOU'D BE 10¢ RICHER THAN ME!

Although if we were getting dimes for being super friendly to a boy's sister just so we could hang out at their house, I could hire a Cuban boy "gardener."


Oh, and you know I love you GAF, but I must confess that I may have just developed a slight crush on GAH.


You can crush on him all you like. I thrive on having something that others want! Bwahahahaha!

Yay! I have 10 cents! (how do you make the cents sign????)


How To Make a Cents Sign:
1. Get a Mac
2. Use option+4

(this is similar to how to make a degrees sign (º), which is option+0)

(all this to say I don't know how to do it on a PC—sorry!)


He could tie his shoes with his toes and you let him get away? You fool!


Lisa of Feminist Mormon Housewives posted! Woot!


I know I should not have let him get away! How stupid of me! Talent like that does not come around very often.

He could also read Arabic. Now, that I was actually impressed with.

Miss Laura

"The Talent" does come around often though. Or at least anytime you're cooking bacon or anything involving massive amounts of cheese.


Oh my, I get an "of" with my name, I feel so special right now.


6 months late on this one but... I can type with my toes. And move my second toe independently. I have weird feet.

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