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Miss Laura

That's why dogs are better than cats - Flannery has no interest in gouging glittery things so you would have been safe.

Unless your costume had been made out of bacon. But if it was made out of meat, then I suspect that a dog wouldn't be your only worries there.


Sadly, no. A dress made out of bacon would never get past the laying-it-out-to-cut stage. And then none of the seven of us would want to eat dinner.


Especially if it was a plus-size bacon dress, which gives a whole new meaning to the following:

"I like your sleeves. They're real big."


"Thank you. I made them myself."

Deb's making her big dance dress was so ME as a teenager. I made my prom dress, I made my piano recital dress, both had BIG puffy sleeves. I even made my wedding dress--but no big puffy sleeves on that one.


You know what's the best part about having Typepad power?

I can fix my best internet friends' posts to make them look like they type just fine after all.


You are the friend version of Nestle's Creamy Caramel Treasures!


Chad too

Oh, look, right here on my desk! Nestle's Creamy Caramel Treasures (for real). MMMMMMMMMM!


You made your own size eight wedding dress?

I'm trying to still the love for you.. I'm trying to still find the love for you...


I have to admit, the orchestra pit story put a smile on my face again today. Why must I laugh at the pain of others? Why must America's Funniest Home Videos be a constant source of amusement? I will laugh myself to tears when that guy gets hit in the crotch with a baseball. Every single time.


The Tin Man is 23, and pays lots of attention to his groupies (most of the girls in the cast, and most of them under 17). In other words, he doesn't pay too much attention to anything else. So I was not surprised that he fell in. And as long as he suffered no major injury, I laugh at him as well. But the humor-impaired head custodian spent many precious minutes lecturing the cast on Tuesday night. The Tin Man got mad and yelled, "I'm not going to fall in again!" I had a hard time not laughing at his outburst. It's partly the stupid school district's fault, they allowed an incredibly deep pit to be constructed. I'm sure money prevented them from putting in a proper hydraulic floor that could be raised and lowered according to need. Oh dear, I'm starting to rant.

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