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It's totally awesome that you didn't grab an XS girdle, take it to the nearest salesperson, jam the tag in his or her face and shout, "Bitch, please!" It also would have been totally awesome if you did.

As for magic formulas, sometimes I think I'd sell my soul for it. But then a few minutes later I'm like, I'd sell my soul for some mentos. Cosmically it might be a wash.

Don't know how near you are to opening night, but break a leg!


Salespeople deserve not to be punished any more than they already are by having to work in retail (I have worked in retail and know what it's like). Now if a designer or marketing agent for Playtex had been handy, the gloves would have been off and security would have had to use the Jaws of Life pry my fingers off his or her scrawny neck.

Both legs have been broken--opening night was last Friday. We have performances this weekend and next. I've been having a blast. My daughter is in it with me and is now anxious to try out for more.

Miss Laura

Is she going to become a Stage Daughter? That would rule.


Oh yeah. She was so excited when I said that I would try out too. She really wanted me in it with her--at the very least, I would drive her to and from without complaining.


Have you seen that show "Stage Moms & Dads"?


Laurie Ann

Don't be too dismissive about girdles. I wear a firm control panty, and it does make me look slimmer, and, yes I can breath!


Although I'm far from small, and don't wear a girdle, find it very strange that people get worked up about a small size girdle. If someone wants to wear one, or if the manufacturers want to produce one, fair enough. They're not illegal or immoral are they? What's the problem?


That they didn't have many in my size.

Actually the 2XLs were still small but there weren't any bigger ones available. I don't mind the existence of small ones, but WHY WERE THERE NO BIG LADY ONES???


Girdles used to be for the likes of us, Chubby Girls. Now they seem to be called "control briefs" and designed for, and, I imagine worn by, business and professional women who want to look "smart". That's their privilege. I'm happy without one.


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