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Favorite GAF post ever.

Miss Laura

I've noticed those little sayings as well on the pad strips as well. Obviously, whoever thought of that is an idiot and has never been around a girl like me during her period. The last thing I want is to be told what I SHOULD be doing and what I SHOULDN'T be eating or drinking. You tell me no caffeine and before the words are out I already have a chocolate IV halfway in because I'VE JUST BEEN LOOKING FOR AN EXCUSE ALL ALONG ANYWAY.

Things I've learned not to do on my period:
1. Get a haircut.
2. Start a book where the girl gets dumped in a horrible manner on the first page.
3. Watch Sex In The City.

Zippy Pool


Miss Laura

Don't tempt me to post things that are really Ewww worthy.


As a woman and a mother, I HAVE TO LIVE WITH "EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW" STUFF EVERY FREAKIN' DAY! At least I didn't actually describe my period. I only talked about Kotex wrappers.

Anyway, I, too, disagree that chocolate makes period cramping worse. Besides, a girl can always take medication for cramping. It's the chocolate that medicates my psychotic tendencies during menstruation.


I find that by avoiding viewing my "absorbables" as some kind of menstrual Raushach test, helps too.


I think they should put fortunes on the wrappers:

"For happiness, eat chocolate."

"Take Midol for good luck."

"Give this fortune to your husband: If you don't stop blaming things on PMS, you might die."

Period Hater

Does anyone else get those chicken liver-looking clots?


Yes. All the time.


Me too. I don't want to go into too much detail, but that's mostly what my period is for the first 3 days. ICK


I noticed those too -- and they all say the same thing. So what's the point? Do they think we all use just one, and reading it every month is a nice refresher course?

Kotex should hook with with Bazooka Joe, then at least we'd get bad jokes for our menstrual pleasure. Now THAT'S marketing!


OH MY GOODNESS. What an awesome idea!


Perhaps this might cheer you up?



This is why I'm on Depo. I don't have to freakin' deal with it!


Hahahahaha. Got a total hysterectomy. No more visits from Aunt Flo, ever! Hahahaha!

Of course, I've gained twenty pounds since I got it. :-/


What I'd like to know is WHY must Midol caplets come in those awful little Really-Hard-To-Peel-Open blisterpacks? Come on... I'm already a pretty scary blend of Superklutz and her sidekick Homicidal Girl... don't make me have to take an engineering course to open up my freaking relief-candy. Grr.

Au Natural

In the last year I switched to Glad Rags (cloth pads made of soft flannel purchased at my health food store) and I supplement with cut up terry bath towel squares at night (I too suffer from the chicken liver problem for the first couple of days). It has been the most liberating thing not to have to purchase pads anymore. I feel so in control and never worry about running out. I like the cartoon and fortune cookie idea though.

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