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Princess Smartypants

Dear GAF,

I recently "volunteered" to substitute my 4 yr old daughter's ballet class. I can fully appreciate the "more than some of me" is dancing. I had no idea that my flabby abs could keep time to music - after it has stopped playing! Keep dancing!


Well, it's their loss. A Chubby Girl Dorothy would definitely sell more tickets than that same old skinny shi* they've been trying to pass off on us since 1937. They could change the lyrics:
"Somewhere inside the kitchen
late at night,
there's a snack that I heard of
ham on a slice of rye.

Somewhere inside the kitchen
feeling blue,
and the eats that you dare to eat
really come to you.


I'm a musical theatre major and let me tell you I'm a very well fed girl. We not only have to shake our booty for dancing, but I actually have to take ballet class in a leotard and tights with nothing covering my very large bottom. You shouldn't worry at all about dancing in front of people or that your weight has any hinderance of your dancing ability. There are good dancers of all sizes, you just have to smile and be confident. :)

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