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When my friend and I were shopping for my maid of honor dress, she referred to everything as wide. I kept telling her it didn't mean wide. She would go "Did you say you need a 16 or a 16 wide?" Just bring me the regular 16 Steff, I'm not the wide, just thick. Can we have other abbreviations? Like, T for thick girls? How about a 16 ST for size 16 short and thick?

Erin Ptacek

I went shopping for blouses for a job interview in June 2004. I went to Field's and literally combed the store for everything that I found remotely tasteful to try on. I found the same shirt in a size 16 Misses' and a size 14 Women's. Being that I am a seamstress with about 30 years of sewing experience, I compared these blouses seam for seam and found them to be identical, except for that the women's shirt was about half an inch longer and $10 more expensive.

In case you're wondering why I didn't make something for the interview, we had just moved at the end of May and my machines and fabrics were still in boxes. I did eventually make myself a couple of quick skirts, simply out of disgust, but that's another story.


The sizes from 14 up should be the C sizes, as in "I'm looking for an 18C with a plunging neckline." (I've just realized that this could get it mixed up with bra cup size but I'm ready to fight for it anyway). Their section in stores should be called either "Curvy," "Chic" (not so fond of that one actually, but whatever) or just the "Chyck" section.

Maybe it would remind more clothing designers that real women have curves.


Just a couple of big boned girls trying to make a miniture dentin the industry. We are just getting started and the ideas and expansion are flying....keep checking back.


OOps...here is the website.....

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