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I'm with you on the baby powder - only Shower To Shower instead of regular baby powder. It's worth the extra $3 with it's pure silkyness. I often try to convince others to use it and when they refuse I just powder rape them. No one has pressed our charges yet but they don't seem to appreciate it nearly as much as they should.


"Powder rape"--HAH!


I guess I need to get me some of this "Shower to Shower" or I won't be one of the cool girls.


Hey, you don't have to be slim to be sexy. Nothing gives me worse neck ache than craning my neck to catch a glimpse of some cute chubby girl when I'm driving. It's dangerous driving no doubt, but it makes me smile.

Nothing gives me greater pleasure than seeing a cheeky bit of leg on a girl with a decent amount of leg to show. It's rare you know. Most chubby girls keep so covered up that their fans often miss them - they can't see anything but a pair of shoes emerging from a mass of fabric...


My finacee would agree with you C. We were having the discussion the other day about whose lingerie show is sexier, Lane Bryant or Victoria Secret. He said that all guys would truely think Lane Bryant was sexier. He said real men at least, not 16 year old boys. lol. So I feel sexy...

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