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Consider the CGB site rated ;)


I am both a Chubby Girl and a Bustie, and you guys rock my little world down to a nub.

And you don't have to do my homework for me - just keep writing.


Danielle LaFleur

Awwwww... *blush* Thanks! You have a great website here. :)

Funny story - I was at a network event and I droped my biz card into a Mary Kay makeup giveaway drawing. Although my card wasn't chosen the sales lady called me up and left a voice message... "I just had to call you and ask if your company, Square-Easy-Bra, sells hard to find or exotic bras?" There was a long pause then an "OMG its Square Zebra! *laughter on other end of line* ... oh my I'm sooo sorry....!"



I just wanted to say jerilyn is hot!

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