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Miss Laura

My pet peeve in reading contemporary novels written by men with women as the main character is how they always have a scene to show how good looking the woman is. Inevitably, she will be standing nude in front of a mirror examining herself which gives the author ample time to point out her good points. Of the ones I can remember the woman is always in her thirties. Ok, I know NO woman who looks at herself naked in the mirror and thinks, "Hot damn! Look at that ass!" It's more like "ERLACK! WHERE DID THAT COME FROM!!"


Even contemporary women writers write their main female characters thin. True, they have their personality faults (I've read enough Lorna Landvik and I read that awful Ya-Ya Sisterhood book to make generalizations like this), but ALL of them thin? Why, oh why, do all female heroines have to be thin and pretty? The only other main character I can think of besides Mma Ramotswe who was fat was Carrie White (the Stephen King book). And of course, she was freakin' whacked out. So they make the movie based on the book and was she FAT? NO!

People who know me are sick to death of my ranting about this, but somebody out there PLEASE WRITE A GOOD BOOK ABOUT A FAT CHICK WHO IS PLEASANT LOOKING AND NOT A PSYCHO! And make her size only incidental and not the basis for a love-hate relationship with her mother or father!

And as for the movies, stop hiring stick-thin actresses already! Why couldn't Kate Hudson's character in "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days" be a little on the chunky side? Why couldn't Arwen or even Eowen be a little pudgy 'round the waist? Can't Spiderman love a woman who wears a size 16?????!!....




"Good In Bed" and "Jemima I'm Trying To Forget The Title On Purpose" are some of the Chubby Chick Lit but it's always the MAIN theme of the book that she's chubby. It's not just a female heroine who is pudgy where the book doesn't revolve around that fact.


You should Try "Bet Me" by Jennifer Crusie. The heroine is a lovely round happy smart normal woman. And it is a really fun book.

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