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Zippy Pool

Weee.... This is cool...!!!

Please add a link in the "food" section to--

-- $40 a day --

Thanks Jeff-the other Pool..


The only link for Rachel Ray that we'll ever post is this one: http://www.amateurgourmet.com/the_amateur_gourmet/2004/08/food_network_ma_10.html

Chad too

Aw. Poor Rachel.

If Rachel either:

a) gained 35 pounds, creating what would probably be the chipmunkiest cheeks on cable, or;

b) devoted an episode of "30-Minute Meals" to the proper processes of dipping cute boys in chocolate,

could she at least link to CGB?


Chad, honey, Zippy Pool, who wishes to have a Rachel Ray link, is my husband. It has been brought to my attention that Rachel Ray is the new hotness and should she throw her attentions his way, he would happily become Mr. Ray.

That is why the hussy will never get a CGB link.

You've been told. Let us never speak of this again.

Chad too

Remind dear husband Zippy that though perky has it's place, 24-hours a day of perky would be enough to drive one to the point where shoving shish-kabob sabers through one's retinas (retinae?) becomes a viable option.

There's a reason the Today Show is only on for three hours a day. We must respect that.

And now, Rachel Ray become She Who Must Never Be Mentioned. Perky Persona-non-Grata.


Chad too, I knew I liked you.

Zippy Pool



I have stumbled onto this site. Very interesting. I'm a single chubby girl & it's nice to see someone else talking about it. Thanks!

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