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Just as long as you don't take down the CBG, because I love this website....do you know how many good blogs I've found because of it? Seriously, I could be on-line all day (no, not chatting with Babes) but reading all of the good stuff the ladies have to say....


That all sounds so exciting! I'm happy to hear that the CGB is moving towards exciting new frontiers!


Hi I'm your husband. Redskins ?
Da Zip


Ooohhhh... A Meet-n-Greet sounds like great fun!!! :)


Congratulations on the promotion


Yes, congratulations!


I am so glad you are not dead in a ditch! Sounds like you have lots of great things going on so YAY! I send you a few extra hours to each day, I figure every woman can use a gift like that.

As for myself I have been Trés busy myself, 3 weeks from today I become Mrs.Richard!!

I hope you are all well and groovy.

British Sally

Ah it's been too long. I've been bad and not reading my favourite blog. All I can say in my defence is I'm even chubbier than normal cos I'm 5 1/2 months pregnant....with another boy. I'm sorry I've been absent but I still wear my CGB t-shirt with pride (I think it's the only one in the UK) and love you all from afar....

Colin Firth also sends his regards (he now lives in my basement)

Chad Too

British Sally!!!!! Welcome back! Don't be a stranger.

Dittos on the congrats, though I'm having a hard time with the whole Redskins thing. ;-)

And remember, you're still posting more than GAF does (said with love and virtual NCCTs, Gaffy dear ;-) )!

Chad Too

Oh, and British Sally, if you haven't read it, you must read "Roca Stands for Coconut." You will wet yourself in laughter.


British SallY!! WOO! Will you give Colin a little tickel for me??

Also I am dreadfully Sorry that I used "Myself" twice in one sentance in my last post. Ick.


I just found this site--and it's great! Although--I have a couple comments to a bunch of different entries: About the joy with OBGYN's--I only go to a midwife--and one who knows what the heck it feels like to be a woman. I will only ever go to a OBGYN if it's an emergency. I had a male doctor tell me (when I was in the midst of working on my master's degree--and had just had gallbladder surgery) that he wanted me to lose 15 lbs. First of all, why the @### should I care what "he wants" me to do--and second of all--I'd like him to have lived a day in my life as a full/full time special ed. teacher, chasing teenagers all day--lifting, changing diapers of teens, etc.--then going to school at night--eating a Smucker's pb&j on the way to school so I didn't faint! Please! My blood pressure was low--my liver enzymes were normal--and he was unnerved--so had to find something to comment about.

Second--I've recently moved and started a PhD program. I've been able to get all of my exercise stuff out of storage--and have been using it pretty darn regularly (and after 2 surgeries in the last 12 months--I actually feel like moving). Well, I was "weighed" last week on one of those old scales (I SWEAR those always add 5 lbs) and I'd gained weight!!!! ARG!!! I'm not sure if that is just because of the scale, because I'm gaining muscle (which you know, weighs more than fat) or what. But, I hate that--and that would be my life. It's the same as the fact that exercising more means I'm hungry more. ARG!! This is why I refuse to "diet". I believe wholy in what my nutrition undergrad teacher taught. That what we eat everyday is our "diet"--that we can change our "diet"--but we truly can't "diet". I've lived by this for 13 years--always worked for me.

Third--how did ya'll catch your husbands? I've been dealing with the reality of "chubby" lack of courtship my whole life. I may be a very active, healthy "chubby" woman (who, by the way, inherited this body from my great grandmother and her sisters--who were full Swedes--and neither tall, skinny, or blonde!!!)but attracting a member of the opposite sex has always passed me by. What is worse--at least in the past--I got the opposite treatment as well--if you know what I mean.

Thanks for the site. It's awesome!


Hi, mmpson. Welcome. In answer to your last question, I will say what I always say: If you want to meet Prince Charming, you have to go to the ball.

Thing is, "the ball" is not really a ball. It's whatever would be a ball for you. I met my true love in a bookshop café I'd run into because I had a long wait between buses. (Bookshops and especially bookshops with espresso machines are some of my favorite places on the planet, and I meet the nicest people in them. They're a ball I like to attend.) I did not meet my true love sitting in an office cubicle or while dreaming on my couch.

The ball can be anything outside your house that you sincerely enjoy. Don't go places to meet people; go places you want to go where other people -- all kinds of people -- are also going to be. The people who choose the same kind of activities you choose are most likely to be your kind of people. Somewhere in the great pool of your kind of people your future mate is floating around.

A friend of mine followed my advice and joined the Sierra Club. On the hikes she went on every weekend, she kept running into the same cute boy. They've been married 11 years and have two kids.

Don't even think about your weight when you walk out that door. You are you, and there is someone who will want to be with the whole package that is you. Meanwhile, you are complete and capable of enjoying your life without him, too, so don't make the hunt for him your idée fixe. Just live, really live.

Don't apologize to yourself or anyone else for your size, not even in your mind. Don't belittle yourself. Just be, and be happy. Get out of the house and off doing things in your life about which you are passionate, and every other good thing will come to you.

Really. This is always, always true.

Remember, someone thought your grandmother was sexy enough to have kids with. Someone will think that about you, too, never fear.

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