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Awesome. You would simply not believe how many times I've done the exact same thing...breaking into tears on the phone at the office because of all the evil hormones coursing through my veins. It's extremely mortifying at the time, but you just have to laugh. Especially because that sort of uncontrolable, spasmodic outburst does make people want to do your bidding, if only to get you to go away as quickly as possible. Yeah!


Oh my dear, I hug you a million times. I did something similar the other day only in was in my bosses office. I left like the biggest dork on the planet. But we all have those days and you are a star for sharing yours with us... whoever you are.


As a fellow crier, I sympathize! Hoo, boy. I once cried because in 9th grade Spanish because I discovered the teacher counted points wrong and I got more on the test than he thought possible. He counted the points and found I was right. Then he adjusted the curve and everyone else's grade was lowered by a whole letter grade. I got such hate stares that I spend the whole lunch period in the bathroom bawling.


Man I totally understand, the bad thing for me is that I'll do it even without a period... sigh...

In fact, just last night in my spanish class I barely made it to the restroom at break. Don't get me wrong, I'm not crying all the time or anything, it just happens when I get really upset or embarassed and I can't lash out the way I want to, which is what happened last night. Ugh.

To make it worse, my teacher walked into the restroom (I was in a stall) and she started speaking to me in spanish asking me if she bothered me. Like the last thing I wanted to do was talk to her.

Julie S.

I cry when I get frustrated, and that's it. But I cry every time I get frustrated.


Oh my goodness, I cry ALL THE TIME out of frustration.


I swear to you I probably cry once a day. It is foolish. We are all in such good company!

Julie S.

Y'all never fail to make me feel normal.


I cried today when my well meaning photo teacher pointed out that because of a death in the family and me missing a lot of classes, maybe I should drop the class and take it another semester, or take a semester off, or something. I stood in the hall with tears streaming down my face for half an hour afterwards before I could get myself together enough to walk back to the dorm in public. I cry at EVERYTHING.

anonymous male

It bothers me that people get what they want if they cry. I got a ticket yesterday for speeding. If I had been a woman, I would have cried, the officer would have felt bad, and let me off with a warning. Sometimes I think you do it on purpose to get what you want.


I know that I have never cried on purpose, Anon. Male, and I'm really embarrassed when I do cry because I'm not in control of it. I've heard it stated before that crying can be a reaction to powerlessness, and I think, for me, that is correct.

FWIW, the only time I cried when getting a ticket was when my husband was in the hospital and I couldn't get my kids in to see him and I was trying to get home so I could have a good cry. As luck would have it, an officer pulled me over for speeding and I exploded into tears as soon as he asked me for my license and registration. I still got a ticket (although he was very very nice about it).

My usual routine when I get pulled over is to make feeble attempts at humor, like the time I couldn't find my insurance card and offered the officer hand lotion and postage stamps. And again, I still got a ticket (but this officer wasn't as nice).


I have never EVER known a woman who ACTUALLY cried to get out of a ticket except on TV or in movies.


Well, I did get out of a ticket but it wasn't intentional.

I was 16 for all of 4 months and the first time my parents let me drive the car to school (we were rural... it was 20 miles) I got pulled over. I started crying as soon as the officer got to my window. I wasn't crying to get out of the ticket, I was crying because I knew how disappointed my parents would be in me... they were real tears... not phoney - but that resulted in the officer just giving me a warning.

However, as I was sitting in my car on the side of the road with the cop car behind me... the bus that I normally rode to school passed by - so it was all over school before I even got there!

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