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Welcome! We share the same birthday, except I am one year older! Woohoo. It must be a jinx with our birthday for that prego weight to find you. At least you have two kids to go along with yours, mine has found me and I haven't even been pregnant YET! Drats! Ok, so then maybe the real birthday jinx is the chocolate covered chocolate business. Regardless, WELCOME!


Ahhh, I totally sympathize with the thighs thing... I've actually had that issue since I was a skinny little kid - apparently its genetic, even the skinnies in my family deal with it. Big hips but sitll the legs are too close together or something... Anyway, welcome!


Monistat makes a fabulous microfine, anti-chafe powder (non-yeasty). It's lovely.


Thank you!! I thank you for your sympathy and suggestions for the thigh thing. I am totally excited to find DanaLee shares my birthday...rock on with your Pisces self! Thank you again, Ladies!


Oh, and Jerilyn, if I ever hear a student of mine with La Cucaracha as a ringer, I will totally laugh out loud. In honor of you, I hope I'm showing a slide of Fragonard's work.


Welcome home, Melissa!

I have got some of the fattest thighs a woman my size can realistically have. I've stood around my house, wondering if I looked odder with the inner thigh fat kneading itself as I walked around, or if it looked odder still for me to adopt a pregnancy waddle to keep my continental legs from touching?

I usually solve the issue by sitting down with a bag of Chocolate Peanut Butter Melts.


I love your website. "Nerdy and slutty since 1993" though? I thought you had to be born nerdy. I didn't know we had the power to convert others. But then I grew up in Los Angeles where they tend to make fun of you if you read. And I only ever saw people getting converted to Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism (the chanting sect) or Scientology there.

Regardless, welcome!


I should rethink that slogan, hmmm...this should be fun.

Here's to clarify: Nerdy since birth, oh yes! Dubbed "slutty" by teachers when I got pregnant at 17 (in 1993).

You know, in that great way that too many would-be mentors like to tell the horrors of abortion yet choose to call girls slutty and academically abandon her once she chose to keep the baby. A fantastic catch-22.

I may have had babies young but I'm pretty sure MOST of my brains didn't leave with the placenta. It was a really weird situation to find myself in and even today have people who think it's "cute" that I went to college anyway.

On another note:
Thank you to all for your warm welcomes!!

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